What I Have Been Up To

I haven’t been writing that is for sure! So what have I been doing? I’ve been sticking to my morning routine for the most part. I’ve been hitting the gym 3 days a week now. Waking around 5/5:30 most mornings.

I try to incorporate the idea of treating myself how I would treat one of my kids. I do things specifically to help them to become the best version of themselves. But, I rarely do that for myself. That is part of what gets me to the gym 3 days a week lately. I try to remember that I am doing it to take care of me!

I suppose I haven’t been doing my morning routine exactly and letting other things clutter up my time. Part of my issue is not having things ready the night before and I am scrambling in the morning because of it. That is probably where I need to focus my time next!


Rule 2

Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping

In this chapter, Jordan Peterson explains the statistics of people filling and taking their prescription medication. Even patients with precarious health issues (think transplants) don’t always take their meds. But, they make sure their pets get the meds they need! Essentially, the idea is treat yourself the way you’d take care of someone else.

I feel like this ties in nicely with what I have already been doing. Getting to the gym a couple times a week, weighing in daily, drinking a ton of water, keeping track of my food intake.

Can I just say how stinking excited I am that I am on month 2! This is progress for me. I usually give up halfway through week 1 on any project I undertake.

Reflection Part 2

I started 18 days ago. I am really stinking proud of myself to say the least. I have usually given up by this point!

Rule 1 is to stand up straight with your shoulders back. Obviously that is a physical position, but more so an emotional one. Standing up straight and facing life head on with intention. The question is – Have I done that these last 18 days? Yes, I believe I have.

On to Rule 2 tomorrow!


Yesterday, as I was walking the dog, I was thinking about how things have changed over the last 2-3 weeks. It has gotten easier and easier to wake up early (I don’t need to set an alarm anymore). And I feel more alive than I have in a while; like I have more control over my time. I am living with more intention instead of being tossed around by whatever is coming toward me.

My current routine is an amalgamation of FlyLady and my own experiences. I’m also in the process of going through Pam Barnhill’s Homeschool Consistency Boot Camp

My Morning Routine is as follows :
Wake (around 5/5:30)
Check in on various apps (Garmin-for sleep, Noom for weight loss)
Get dressed (My goal has been to shower/take a bath the night before and get dressed in the AM, but I am apparently too loud and this wakes people up… So I haven’t been doing it)
Get a load of laundry in
Blog post
Take dog for a walk
Workout (Tue & Thurs I go to the gym first thing)
Get girls up – change diapers & clothes
Make Breakfast
Unload dishwasher & load breakfast dishes
Switch Laundry to dryer

With the exception of a few days this has been my morning routine for the last couple weeks. It is invigorating to actually follow through. I have written out routines and maybe stuck to it a couple days. I think this time is different because I actually sleep at night now. And I’m running hugely on autopilot. I have decided to not make any decisions in the morning (except maybe what I am eating for breakfast). And it makes for a more energized me everyday – since I’m not suffering with decision fatigue!


My husband and I had an amazing weekend. We haven’t been away from home overnight in over 2 years. And it was magical. We had good conversation and on the drive down to the B&B we decided on some “rules”.

He mentioned that Jordan Peterson said that if you have a problem that you should limit how much you are talking about it. Set a day & a time to think about it or talk about it and the rest of the time you should be living life. So we decided to do that for ourselves.

Our rules…
1. A date night 2 times a month.
2. A budget meeting once a month.
3. No talking about marriage issues after 10 pm.
4. Setting aside time to talk about marriage issues, but not daily (and not everyday).
5. No important conversations over text (especially from me!).
6. A weekly (or at least every other week) Sabbath.
7. The not-quite-housebroken-dog stays in the kitchen from now on.

It felt nice a huge leap forward to come up with this together. It felt like a team effort and that we are both on the same page to making things work. So… Those are our “rules”.


Yesterday I put all the pieces together. Morning routing, school routine, cleaning routine. The 2 year old did not nap – so I did not nap. I was ready to sleep at 8:00 PM. Didn’t go to bed until 10. I was exhausted, depleted, wiped out, used up.

I have hesitated to do mornings where I get up early. Why? Because of what happened today. Both the girls were up before my alarm went off at 5:30. This is what happens. They start waking up early too. I am quiet (I had just used the bathroom). I’m sitting in bed doing some of my stuff on the phone when I hear crying. My 2 year old was up. She was super crabby yesterday. So when I go from wake up to bedtime with a crabby kid – I need a break. A half hour in the morning is all I’m asking (I don’t think its much… it’s way before they usually wake anyway!).

Anyway…. this is where motivation wanes and it becomes a push. I need to keep going. I need to not give up on my routines because I am frustrated. I felt really good last week because I had intention. So I need to keep going. Yes, I am giving myself a pep talk. I just pray, for the love of anything that is holy and good, that she will nap today. So I can nap today.


I dislike routine. I can’t put my finger on it. But I always give up on a routine. I’ve never been able to create a habit of it. So I get stuck in chaos. And my kids get stuck with me.

I decided to add to my daily routine and write it down so I can track it. I’ve used FlyLady’s resources on and off for years. I *think* what is different this time is I started with the routine BEFORE I put in on paper. Instead of making a wish list, I wrote down what I am already doing. But I added on cleaning. Cleaning and I have a love – hate relationship. I love it being clean, I hate the getting things clean.

I am actually amazed that I have as much energy as I do. Usually by this point in a change I end up burned out and reverting to my old ways. But I think the intentional nature of my mornings, taking a nap, self-care, etc. are really making a huge difference. Of course getting sleep is amazing in and of itself. Previous to the last 3 or 4 months – I went 5 years without a full night sleep. My 5 year old (and 2 year old) just recently started sleeping through the night. Let me tell you it is glorious. I know I am still sleep deprived because I am usually asleep the second my head hits the pillow. I usually wake without remembering even going to sleep. So part of this routine is getting to bed at a reasonable time .

It is 6:30 AM – I’ve got a load of laundry running, working on my blog, weighed-in, checked social media… I’m doing good so far!